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Ten Thousand Mile Oolong


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Out of stock


Ten Thousand Mile Oolong Tea is a true delight for the senses!


Organic, hand-picked oolong leaves are rolled, then carefully blended with native Thai Osmanthus blossoms. Their sweet, intoxicating floral notes beautifully compliment the complexity of the oolong tea, yielding a purely delicious experience. Wonderful hot, and incredibly refreshing iced!


In Asian culture, it is said that if you hold an Osmanthus blossom in your hand, drop it, then walks ten thousand miles, you will still be able to smell its exotic scent in your palm.


  • TASTING NOTES: exotic florals, mango, honey
  • 3 oz loose tea in a resealable pouch
  • +/- 25 servings if steeped once, but can be infused multiple times
  • Medium caffeine

Wholesale Tea Available.