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Nestled deep in the rolling hills of northern Thailand, there is a special place, a haven where change is happening every day. A resilient group of women decided to do things differently in a business dominated by men for hundreds of years. They gathered their resources, took back their power, and began growing tea. They plant tea seeds and harvest real change for their families.

Four years ago, a father began to worry about his two young girls. His daughters were growing up in a world that tells them they’re unequal. He searched for a place where women knew their strength, took charge of their lives, and watched out for one another. He found it in Thailand. He launched Teema to bring the vision of these women to the rest of the world.

Teema means origin. It is the origin of hope, of love, of quality, of change. In a world of oppression, there is a place where women have taken back their power, invested in their own lives and the lives of their families. You can access this place and support these women when you drink Teema. It’s not a myth. It’s real. And you can taste it.

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