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Butterfly Tea (also known as 'Blue Tea'). Blue beauty! This thirst-quenching, caffeine-free tisane is a carefully blended mix of Organic lemongrass and Organic butterfly pea flowers. Add hot water and watch the flower blossoms release their captivating color, yielding a beatifically blue brew. With lemongrass’ citrusy essence as a backdrop, you’ll also find notes of rock candy and honey, with a juicy mouthfeel. Delicious both hot & iced.


  • TASTING NOTES: Meyer lemon, rock candy, bamboo
  • 1 LB loose leaf tea in a resealable pouch


FOR EXTRA APPEAL: add a dash of lemon juice and watch the color turn from royal blue to a regal purple!


WATER: the quality of your water is a critical element in creating an optimal cup. Use the correct volume for your tea dose, and only fresh (not previously boiled) filtered tap water or spring water. Be sure to pay close attention to your water temperature also, as certain teas (green teas in particular) are delicate and will turn bitter with fully boiled water. 

MEASURE: use the correct "dose" of tea per volume of water, which ensures the correct proportions. Measuring with a teaspoon or tablespoon can work, but this can be deceiving. You might fit 8-grams of a small-leaf, dense tea into your TBSP, whereas you might scoop only 2-grams of a large-leaf "airy" tea. We recommend using a scale to measure your dose by weight. Of course, you can adjust your dose to your taste!

STEEP: Keep your timer handy! Exceptional, artisan teas like these perform best with attention to detail... and that includes how long you steep your leaves. Follow timing instructions on each label to yield the best cup possible. Over-steeping your tea will extract more tannins, which can make your cup taste "bitter". 


Herbal Tea   5-7 min

Green Tea    3 min

Oolong Tea (western method)   3-4 min

Black Tea    4-5 min

STORAGE: High-grade teas are delicate and age quickly if not stored properly. As with coffee, light, air, and heat exposure will degrade your tea and decrease its shelf life. Keep tightly sealed, in a room-temperature or cool spot, and away from direct sunlight.