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Your tea ritual - how to stay mindful throughout the day

In the last couple of years we've seen a sharp rise in popularity of "morning routines", that help us prepare for the day. For some people it's exercise, for some people it's yoga or meditation. These morning routines are great in setting the right tone for the day - the tone of focus and mindfulness. However, often after busy traffic, a few hours of work and stressful meetings we find ourselves losing the mindfulness we attained in the morning and going back to our "unhappy" selves. Where we focus on the negatives, instead of the positives and completely lack presence in our lives, relationships and work.

We are well aware that our ability to stay present and mindful throughout the day would significantly improve our lives. We would have less stress, live more happier fulfilled lives and solve our problems with ease. The only question is - how do we do it? 

Well one way to sustain mindfulness throughout the whole day is having your own tea ritual. If you already enjoy drinking tea throughout the day, enjoy the taste, the smell and the effect it has on you - it's time to add another dimension. 

Your own tea ritual:

0. Always start with a few deep breaths and bring the attention to your hands, legs and then your whole body. Try and feel your inner energy, focus on staying present in the moment without any thoughts distracting you. Stay present and mindful throughout each step.

1. Start boiling water in your kettle. Pay attention to the water. How the surface moves and reshapes as it hits the boiling point. 

2. Add hot water to leaves and witness the leaves dancing in the hot water. Witness the flavor and the color coming out and coloring the water.

3. Pour tea into another cup. Slowly witness the nectar pouring to the tea cup. The rich color. The amazing smell. It's intense and really awakening. 

4. Sip. Notice the flavor, the smell filling up the nostrils, the texture of the tea. Sip by sip continue to pay close attention to all of the sensations in your mouth and on your tongue. Breathe deeply between sips, savoring the smell all the way through. 

This is one of the tea rituals you can use to add another dimension to your tea habit and also bring in more mindfulness into your day. Let us know how it works!

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